our story

Capturing weddings is a dream come true for us..

..we get to do what we love with the person we love!

Stanley and I dated for years before we even realized that we shared a love for wedding photography! We both went to Saint Vincent College, and one cold and icy January day, we decided to take our point and shoot cameras out onto campus and see what we could find to photograph.

It was freezing but the sun was out and we managed to trek all over campus photographing snowflakes and icicles. As we drank our hot chocolate afterwards, we realized that we loved taking photos together! Looking back, we had no idea then that we would eventually own a photography company! We feel incredibly blessed to share in all of the special moments of a wedding day and to witness the bride and groom beginning their journey together! We are so thankful that our couples have become some of our dearest friends!  

Our Happily Ever After...







Met in the children’s choir at our church while playing flute and guitar

5 years into dating, we found our love of photography at Saint Vincent College

Stanley proposed to Marie while camping at Cherry Springs State Park

Entrepreneurs ready for life’s next adventure!

Photographed our first wedding!

Became Mr. and
 Mrs. Tatarek!

Shared our first date at Overly’s Country Christmas


Meet Stanley

Meet Marie

 Lover of pie
 Iced tea connoisseur 
 Wedding day navigator
 Technical support guru

 Serious chocoholic 
 Late night photo editor 
 Client experience curator
 Lover of anything outdoors

Stanley's Favorites

Marie's Favorites

The Duo

the couple behind the lens

Bowling, high score 289!

I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day!

Plates or bowls?

(Bowls win every time)

fun fact: I only WEAR one contact lens!

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(French toast is my specialty!)

Summer Camping + Bonfires + Stargazing

Weakness: An overflow of restaurant menu options.

chocolate ice cream

Mrs. tatarek & wedding photog aren't my only titles...

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(Jersey diners are the worst!)

Just call me head of the Tatarek Christmas decorating committee!

Our Values

We want to serve our couples well by capturing their most genuine moments on their wedding day so that the photos are as real and vivid as the memories from the best day of their lives! We strive to create genuine, vibrant, and enduring galleries that couples can enjoy and reminisce for years to come!