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February 21, 2016

So it’s incredibly ridiculous how late this is getting to the blog, but it just goes to show how crazy life has been!  We traveled to Vermont last October over Columbus Day weekend for a very necessary trip.  Stanley and I kind of have a thing for road trips, so we packed up the car with a bunch of snacks (trail mix and muddy buddies are a must), cranked some Mumford and Sons, and hit the road!  We had both been to Vermont before, but were excited to experience it with cameras in hand!  Our first day was a bit cloudy but we were still able to find some magical spots like these!2016-02-21_0002.jpg

What a perfect little autumn hideaway!  Side note: We had driven past this house earlier but didn’t stop so Stanley wanted to come back.  As we were driving back towards this area later in the day, he said “get the camera out…I want you to see something!”  So me being the crazy romantic that I am, I immediately think “Oh my gosh he saw this spot earlier and is totally proposing right now!”  I got all flustered and started reminding myself to take it all in, and when we got to this spot, he’s like “grab a photo of that house”…so yea,I was wrong obviously, but it was a funny moment that makes me smile!  2016-02-21_0003.jpg


Another really amazing spot full of color!



Maria from the Sound of Music…typical Stanley style haha!2016-02-21_0008.jpg

We found a little beaver swimming in this serene pond during a light rain.

Our view from the cabin.

We ventured up to Killington to check out the inaugural Oktoberfest and obviously had a blast!



Enjoyed spending the weekend with Stanley’s family!


The stars are absolutely incredible, and we were so happy to get a clear night to check them out!

Sugar and Spice was a restaurant that one of our couples, Brandon and Alicia, recommended to us, so we knew it would be worth the hour drive.  It’s a sugar house that makes maple syrup that is used in most of the dishes, and literally everything that we ate here was fantastic!  Thanks Brandon and Alicia! 🙂



The Dorset Union Store is one of the most quaint little places, with homemade soup and delicious cookies!  It’s kind of a tradition for Stanley and I to grab some lunch here and eat in the square.  2016-02-21_0021.jpg




We’re so thankful that we had the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful place this past fall.  Even though our schedules are crazy and we sometimes feel like we can’t even relax for 5 minutes, we were blessed to be able to take some time for us and really enjoy nature and each other!  

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