10 YEARS!!!! {Personal Photography}

December 10, 2016

Today marks 10 years of life with this guy!  How lucky and blessed we are to have made all of these memories!  10 years ago, we took our first photo together in front of the Christmas tree, sporting our GCC pride haha!  It’s crazy thinking back to that day and realizing that we had no idea what would come of that first date!  So many high school and college dances, St. Vincent memories, and stressful evenings trying to figure out how to create a business!  I could have never guessed we’d be here, planning a wedding and starting life together!  I had no idea that we’d be venturing into year 3 of a photography business that has brought us closer than ever and allowed us to celebrate so many other love stories!  I am incredibly thankful for him and all of the people who have supported us in our journey! Here’s to celebrating life together! Love you Stanley! ❤️








  1. Jill says:

    Love love LOVE this- you guys are SO sweet together!!!! Happy anniversary!!!

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