2016 HoneyJar Memories {Personal Photography}

December 29, 2016

We have been waiting all year to write this blog post, and what a joyful trip down memory lane it was in creating it!  We had an absolutely incredible year with some of the most beautiful couples!!!  These brides and grooms are some seriously special people!  They are kind and loving, silly and sweet, and so in love!!!  We truly are two of the luckiest people to have walked through engagements, weddings, and the beginning of beautiful marriages with all of these guys!!!  We wanted to share a special part of our business with everyone now that the year is over and we can look back on all of the moments we’ve been a part of!

Stanley and I love to give gifts to our clients, and because our brand is based around honey, one of our gifts to our couples is a glass jar of locally produced honey from our friends at Crimson Creek Apiaries.  After our first wedding, I had the idea of collecting one small memory from each wedding and placing it in an empty honey jar, so that at the end of the year, we could look at the jar and remember each couple and the unique token from their wedding that made their day unforgettable.  As the year progressed, our jar filled up!  Now, at the end of 2016, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos of all of our couples, paired with the special memory we kept from their wedding!!!  Our dream is that in ten and twenty and thirty years down the road, we’ll have jars from each year with something special from each wedding to always remind us of the couples that we’ve been blessed to touch with our photography!

We also love to take one photo at each wedding with our couples and although they are far from glamorous, it helps us to remember the real raw emotions of the day!  We are usually sweaty with messy hair and tired eyes, but we cherish these photos so much!!!

We want to extend genuine thanks and gratitude to each and every one of our 2016 couples.  We pray that your marriage will continue into 2017 with all of the pure bliss of your wedding day!  We hope that you will find strength in the tough times, joy in the great times, and hugs and kisses at the end of every day.  We love you all and wish you only the sweetest of memories through 2017!


Stanley and Marie

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography Bell's Banquets,
     Lauren and Chris
     Jamie and Charlie
     Carolyn and Sam
     Marie and Tom
     Susan and Andrew
     Cara and Dave
     Maria and Joe
     Corynne and Robert
     Alicia and Brandon
     Stephanie and Joe
     Caitlyn and Justin
     Meredith and Steve






  1. Linda Dillon says:

    Stanley and Marie…what an awesome year! Your photography is incredible and personal. Each and every one of the couples are so Blessed to have had you involved in their special days. You both are the epitome of what should be captured on such special days…and you did it beautifully. It is wonderful for you to share this walk down memory lane with outsiders as well…so we know also what a terrific and loving couple you are and what amazing photographers you arel. Good Luck and Blessings in 2017!!!

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