Sunshine and Seventy in February! {Personal Photography}

February 19, 2017

I was looking forward to today all week, because who doesn’t love a beautiful spring day in the middle of February!?!  One of my best friends Julie was free today too, so I decided to share one of my favorite places with her!  She’s never been to Linn Run State Park, and it was a gorgeous day to explore the woods and hike some of the trails together.  Stanley and I used to visit Linn Run frequently through college, and it’s actually a part of why we love photography so much!  We met a friend on the trail who suggested Barb’s Country Store for a good lunch and we were not disappointed!  Those sandwiches were FANTASTIC!  We of course needed dessert after lunch, and when Julie said she’d never been to the Laughlintown Pie Shoppe either, that was our next stop!  We enjoyed the razzleberry pies and the beautiful sunshine!  It was great to get out and shoot a little, enjoy the weather, and good friendship.  We hope you enjoyed the today too!



IMG_4738IMG_4741IMG_4728-4.jpg    IMG_4740.JPG




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