June 25, 2017

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Kelli and Tyler had such a fantastic wedding day!  We knew they would be so much fun to photograph on their wedding day because of how much chemistry they had during their engagement session!  It was incredibly hot but Kelli was amazing and was an absolutely beautiful bride!  She and Tyler have a relationship that […]

December 29, 2016

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We have been waiting all year to write this blog post, and what a joyful trip down memory lane it was in creating it!  We had an absolutely incredible year with some of the most beautiful couples!!!  These brides and grooms are some seriously special people!  They are kind and loving, silly and sweet, and […]

October 15, 2016

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That familiar crisp smell of the beginning of Autumn was in the air as Brandon and Alicia celebrated their wedding day!  The sunshine was gorgeous and the temperature was absolutely perfect for a wedding day.  These two enjoyed their ceremony and as we moved outside to take their portraits, we were blessed with a few […]

June 16, 2016

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Marie and Tom are just two of the sweetest people, and their wedding was a pure reflection of the joy and love that they share.  We met with Marie last year and she seemed like a sweetheart right off the bat.  She knew what she wanted for her wedding day but she had such an […]

November 6, 2015

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Justin and Caitlyn had so much chemistry and love during their engagement session!  We were originally going to take their photos at Ohio Pyle, where they got engaged, but Caitlyn surprised us with a new location!  We were lucky enough to have a barn, lots of land and beautiful sunlight, and lots of furry friends […]

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